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About The Community Foundation

The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties is a community-based social impact investor whose mission is to engage, invest, and lead—working toward a vision of community vibrancy with opportunity for all. Our team of experienced staff and dedicated trustees is committed to boldly leading and supporting transformational community investments. We channel charitable contributions from donors through nonprofit partners that are meeting current community needs and steward community resources responsibly to ensure greater capacity for the future.

No organization has all the answers, but together, with our partners and donors, we have the means and the will to chart a new course—one that will build upon generations of philanthropy and strengthen the fabric of Herkimer and Oneida counties.

If you are interested in learning more about our current community funding opportunities or if you wish to set up your own corporate philanthropy giving plan, we encourage you to contact us today!

Meeting Community Needs


We partner with donors and community organizations to determine funding solutions to resident needs, advancing and enhancing community development.


We maximize donor impact through long-term stewardship—and commit funds and resources to nonprofit partner organizations for the greatest possible community impact.


We provide leadership to bring community partners together for collaborative impact, acting as a trusted advocate that can bridge differences and build meaningful coalitions.

Our Story

Our Story

Seventy years ago, a small group of community members had a vision: a community trust that applied dedicated financial investment to a long-term commitment, to build a brighter future. Building on that vision, the Community Foundation has invested more than $100 million into our two-county community through nonprofit partners.

And that commitment to community impact continues.

Learn more about our work, our partners, our vision for a vibrant region. We can make positive change happen in our community, and we’re ready to work together to make the Mohawk Valley a vibrant region with opportunity for all.


Endless Possibilities Are All Around

Endless Possibilities Are All Around

We care about our community, and so many who work with us have moving and inspiring stories to tell. We share their experiences as part of our commitment to showing how donor dollars make a difference.

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