VIDEO: On Point for College makes big impact in Utica, NY

Mohamed’s parents spent most of their lives in a refugee camp. Running water, food, freedom weren’t theirs to have. A college education certainly wasn’t an option.

Being resettled in Utica made all of the things his parents could only dream of realities for Mohamed.

But having the option of an education is different from having the opportunity. Mohamed knew he had the option, but he didn’t know how to take advantage of the opportunity. He didn’t even know the first step to take. His parents couldn’t advise him, but he knew he was capable.

And so did staff members at On Point for College. Mohamed – curious, smart, driven, but unsure of how  to move forward in his education needed the guiding hand offered by On Point for College.

That guidance included help with filling out financial aid forms, transportation to class, even school supplies.

“I want to go to college, so I can become a nurse and give back to my community and On Point is making that happen whether through transportation, help with financial aid problems, school equipment – like bookbags, if I need help with tutoring. They always are there helping me accomplish my dreams.”

Part of that dream already has been realized. Mohamed is the first in his family to go to college.

“I’m going to be the first in my family to graduate, too,” Mohamed says grinning.

Thanks to a $100,000 investment from The Foundation, with this partnership, On Point for College has enrolled 266 students in its Utica program.