Leading the Way

Committing to Equity is Our Organization’s Vision for the Community—and More

Our effort to address inequities that keep many in the community from succeeding begins with a $10 million, 10-year commitment. And 10 years is just the beginning. Why? Because our community and our nation continue to struggle with issues related to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, poverty, and others that affect marginalized populations. Empowering community voices and focusing on solution-based investments through collaboration will help individuals succeed, families thrive, and neighborhoods prosper.


  • Opportunity for All

    Recognizes every resident’s stake in advancing and enhancing positive change through greater equity.

  • Long-term Effort

    Commit $10 million for the first decade of ongoing work.

  • Conversation, Collaboration

    Ensures neighborhood and community voices will inform and support solution-based investments.

  • 10
  • $10
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Community Equity

Help Create a Vibrant Region with Opportunity for All

Building on this commitment to equity, the Community Foundation launched the Mohawk Valley Equity Pledge to get community residents and organizations to demonstrate their support for the advancement of racial equity and social justice. Together, we will encourage diversity, challenge injustice and help build opportunity for all. Taking the MV Equity Pledge is a great first step to becoming part of this important community effort.

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