For Donor Advisors

Foundation donor advisors play an active, personal role in their charitable giving.

Donor advisors say they appreciate the attention and expertise of Foundation staff to guide them through their giving process.

Donor-advised funds allow donors to:

  • Shape their giving to reflect their passions.
  • Create options for short-term giving and perpetual giving.
  • See their giving impact now.
  • Give in the areas where the community needs are greatest.
  • Partner with The Foundation and other organizations to achieve greatest impact.

The following documents are available resources for our donor advisors:

Donor-Advised Grant Recommendation Form

Private Foundations vs. Donor-Advised Foundations

Donor-Advised Guidelines

Donor-Advised Grant Recommendation Guidelines

Contact Donor Relations Manager Lindsey Costello at lcostello@foundationhoc.org or by calling (315) 731-3726.