Our Funds

4 Elements Studio Capital FundAgency Fund
4 Elements Studio Foundation FundAgency Fund
Abigail J. Freitag Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Accent on Excellence Community FundUnrestricted Fund
Addison M. White FundUnrestricted Fund
Adelaide M. Webster Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Adirondack League Club Community FundDonor-Advised Fund
Adirondack League Club Community Fund for EducationDonor-Advised Fund
Adirondack League Club Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Agnes W. Sweet FundUnrestricted Fund
Alan and Connie Leist Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Alan C. Davenport Charitable FundDesignated Fund
Albert E. Trask, Jr. Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Albert H. Shaheen Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Albert S. Mazloom Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Alexander Pirnie FundUnrestricted Fund
Alexandra G. Kogut Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Alfred & Elizabeth Duffy FundDonor-Advised Fund
Alfreda J. Butnoris Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Alivia Paige Moylan Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
All In For Vin Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Amicable Masonic Lodge No. 664 Fund Agency Fund
Andrew J. & Bertha W. Burdick FundField-of-Interest Fund
Andrew Kates Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Andy Mazloom FundDonor-Advised Fund
Angela L. & Orlando A. Destito Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse FundAgency Fund
Anita A. Vitullo Fund for Mohawk Valley Health SystemDesignated Fund
Anita A. Vitullo Fund for Susquehanna SPCA Designated Fund
Anita’s Stevens-Swan Humane Society FundDesignated Fund
Anne LaBastille Memorial Fund for WritersDesignated Fund
Anne LaBastille Pack Basket Fund for Writers
Designated Fund
Anne M. Wright Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Annie's Fund IIAgency Fund
ASF Czech Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
B. Victor & Ruby Rogers de Iorio Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Bamberger Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Barbara Soper Westcott FundField-of-Interest Fund
Barrett Williams Couper Endowment FundScholarship Fund
Beatrice & Ruth Begent FundUnrestricted Fund
Beatrice Cavaretta Faga & Maryellen Faga Kieffer FundDonor-Advised Fund
Benjamin Zahir Mufti Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Bianca Michelle Devins Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund
Blue Mountain Lake FundDonor-Advised Fund
Bonnie and Darren Woods Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Brave Street Kids Charitable FundAgency Fund
Brigham Family FundField-of-Interest Fund
Brothertown Fund for ScholarshipsAgency Fund
Bruce & Frances Bull Family Fund
Donor-Advised Fund
Bruce C. & Eleanor H. McLean FundDonor-Advised Fund
Bryant & Heather Sweet Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Bull Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Burrell FundField-of-Interest Fund
Burrstone Basset FundDonor-Advised Fund
C. R. Roberts Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
CAP-21 Friends of Mirnie – Woodlands Walkway Project FundDesignated Fund
Capital Investments FundDonor-Advised Fund
Casimir S. Butnoris FundField-of-Interest Fund
CCSD Foundation FundAgency Fund
Central Association for the Blind FundAgency Fund
CG Philanthropic Fund Donor-Advised Fund
Chamber Music Society of Utica FundAgency Fund
Charles & Sue Heron Foundation FundFuture Fund
Charles A. Gaetano Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Charles A. Kaplan Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Charles and Josephine Finch FundUnrestricted Fund
Charles Frederick Reese FundUnrestricted Fund
Charles Henry Ide & Georgiana Roberts Ide FundDonor-Advised Fund
Child Care FundField-of-Interest Fund
Christine Madia Memorial Scholarship FundDonor-Advised Fund
Christopher & Virginia Kelly Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Christopher and Deborah McGrath Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Christopher and Kari Max Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Christopher Harding Donalty Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Christopher P. Destito Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Clark Family Community FundDonor-Advised Fund
Clark Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Clinton ABC Program FundDesignated Fund
Clinton Arena Improvement FundAgency Fund
Clinton Central School District Foundation Endowment FundAgency Fund
Clinton Symphony Orchestra of the Mohawk Valley Charitable FundAgency Fund
Clothing Bureau Trust FundField-of-Interest Fund
Community Foundation of Otsego County FundAgency Fund
Community FundUnrestricted Fund
Corcoran-Buczkowski FundFuture Fund
Corporal John P. Sigsbee Memorial FundDesignated Fund
Couper FundDesignated Fund
Crazy Good Foundation FundFiscal Sponsorship
Credit Bureau of Utica FundUnrestricted Fund
Credit Bureau of Utica/Rome College Foundation FundScholarship Fund
Credit Bureau of Utica/Utica Dollars For Scholars FundScholarship Fund
Crown Point Central School & Moriah Central School Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Cunningham Fund for Thea Bowman House ScholarshipsScholarship Fund
Damon Fund for InletDonor-Advised Fund
Daniel C. Hayes FundUnrestricted Fund
Daniel Crouse & Katharine O. Adams FundUnrestricted Fund
Danny Adams FundUnrestricted Fund
Dave & Christine Zumpano Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
David & Janet Griffith Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
David E. & Jane S. Bryant FundUnrestricted Fund
Dean & Eva Kelly FundDonor-Advised Fund
DG & BF Benson Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Dicks Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Domizio & Theresa Zumpano Malara FundDonor-Advised Fund
Donald J. Mitchell Family FundScholarship Fund
Donna & George Herthum Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Donna LaTour-Elefante Fund for ChildrenDonor-Advised Fund
Chip and Donna Lynch FundDonor-Advised Fund
Douglas J. Grant FundUnrestricted Fund
Dr. Abraham L. & Ruth Shaheen Family FundDesignated Fund
Dr. Fel Gale Davies Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Dr. James C. Locke Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Dr. John P. Sheehan Scholarship Trust Fund of the City of Utica, NY
Scholarship Fund
Dr. Robert D. Hubbard Family FundField-of-Interest Fund
Dr. Russell and Maxine Rider Charitable FundDonor-Advised Fund
Earle C. Reed FundDonor-Advised Fund
Earle Ford Memorial FundDesignated Fund
Edward Behen Bradley, Jr. Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Edward G. Hays Aviation Career Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Edward Peter Sidelko Community Food FundField-of-Interest Fund
Edward S. & Jacqueline Baque Hinge FundUnrestricted Fund
Ellen and Louis Gerdin Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Ellen Knower Clarke FundUnrestricted Fund
ELSA Fund - Ever Lasting Support of AnimalsDesignated Fund
Emmanuel Episcopal Church FundDesignated Fund
Empire Recycling FundDonor-Advised Fund
Empowered Pathways Charitable FundAgency Fund
Empowered Pathways FundAgency Fund
Erich & Ruth Kupfer Memorial FundScholarship Fund
Erich K. Kupfer Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
F. Eugene Romano Fund Donor-Advised Fund
F.X. Matt II Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Falco Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Family Planning & Education FundDesignated Fund
Faxton Street Home FundField-of-Interest Fund
Fenstemacher Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
FORCE/Friends of Roman Catholic Education FundField-of-Interest Fund
Fort Schuyler Club Historic Preservation FundAgency Fund
Francis J. & Ruth A. Pugliese Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Francis J. Jenny FundField-of-Interest Fund
Francis W. Darling Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Frank C. & Clara S. Thurwood FundUnrestricted Fund
Frank W. Baker FundUnrestricted Fund
Frank, Mame and J. Lansing Reed FundUnrestricted Fund
Franklin J. Ely First Lake Foundation FundField-of-Interest Fund
Frederick B. Griffin Jr. FundField-of-Interest Fund
Freedom Guide Dogs Charitable FundAgency Fund
Freedom Guide Dogs FundAgency Fund
Friends of Johnson Park Center Education FundDesignated Fund
Friends of Oneida County Youth Bureau FundAgency Fund
Friends of Oneida County Youth Bureau Glimmerglass FundAgency Fund
Funds to Benefit the New Hartford Public LibraryDesignated Fund
Gabriel, Joseph & Lila Mandour Karam FundDonor-Advised Fund
Genealogy & Local History FundField-of-Interest Fund
Genung Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
George and Jane Rossi FundDonor-Advised Fund
George H. Gschwind FundField-of-Interest Fund
George Upson FundUnrestricted Fund
Gerald J. & Nancy E. Pierce FundUnrestricted Fund
Giotto Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Give Back To Utica FundDonor-Advised Fund
Gladys and Ed Waskiewicz FundDonor-Advised Fund
Gloria Rabbia Dellaera Memorial FundScholarship Fund
Good News Foundation FundAgency Fund
Greatest Generation FundField-of-Interest Fund
Gregory & Cynthia McLean FundDonor-Advised Fund
Grove & Asta Murray Herkimer Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Haberer Family FundUnrestricted Fund
Handshake.CityFiscal Sponsorship
Harrison S. Sweet Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Harry & Edith Hurd FundUnrestricted Fund
Harry F. Dise FundField-of-Interest Fund
Hart Family Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
HASCA (Home Aide Service of the Central Adirondacks) FundDesignated Fund
Hayes-Couper FundScholarship Fund
Helen Bremer Westcott Memorial FundField-of-Interest Fund
Helen Marie Miller Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Helen Ney Best Crouse FundUnrestricted Fund
Helene Doyle Sinnott FundUnrestricted Fund
Henry & Miriam Kashiwa Fund for the AdirondacksDesignated Fund
Henry & Nancy Morehouse FundDonor-Advised Fund
Henry A. & Alice Radcliffe Schueler FundUnrestricted Fund
Henry T. Dorrance Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Herkimer 9 Foundation FundDesignated Fund
Herkimer Area Resource Center FundAgency Fund
Herkimer County Humane Society FundAgency Fund
Herman and Mary Weyer Memorial FundField-of-Interest Fund
Hero Fund America FundField-of-Interest Fund
High Growth Entrepreneurship FundDonor-Advised Fund
Holland Patent High School Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Holland Patent Medical Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Hope Bradbury Fund Donor-Advised Fund
Hope Chapel Association FundAgency Fund
Howard A. Jr. & Bradley E. Marsh Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Hud-Son Warrior FundDonor-Advised Fund
Humane Society of Rome Campaign FundAgency Fund
Humane Society of Rome Investment Fund Agency Fund
Hummel Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
ICAN Charitable FundAgency Fund
ICAN Endowment FundAgency Fund
Insight House Leadership Fund Agency Fund
Irish Cultural and Historical Society of the Mohawk Valley Charitable FundAgency Fund
J. Leo & Helen B. Coupe FundDonor-Advised Fund
J.K. & Hedy Anne Hage Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Jack and Trudy Owens FundField-of-Interest Fund
Jacque & Terry Tolles FundDonor-Advised Fund
James Blackshear Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
James C. O'Shea Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
James K. Clark FundDesignated Fund
James V. Knight Memorial FundScholarship Fund
Jane Lisbeth Watts Memorial FundField-of-Interest Fund
Janice Luck O'Connor Friends FundDonor-Advised Fund
Jay-K Lumber FundUnrestricted Fund
Jeanne Louise Ulrich Romano Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Jef Billings Memorial Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund
Jeremiah O. McCarthy Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Jewish Community Center FundAgency Fund
Jillian Velardi Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Joan B. & William F. O'Shea Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
John & Cynthia DeTraglia FundDonor-Advised Fund
John A. Storm FundUnrestricted Fund
John B. and Margaret T. Stetson FundDonor-Advised Fund
John Crego Family FundUnrestricted Fund
John D. and Jane B. Schafer FundField-of-Interest Fund
John E. and Harriet T. McGrath FundUnrestricted Fund
John H. Jr. and Nicole M. Hobika Family FundFuture Fund
John J. and Janice S. Livingston FundDonor-Advised Fund
John Paul Nagy Memorial FundAgency Fund
John R. Tenney Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
John Winter Family FundField-of-Interest Fund
Joseph and Helen Penc Sobocinski Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Joseph F. Mazza Memorial FundScholarship Fund
Joseph J. Cardamone, Jr. Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Juliana Weber Fund for Trinity Evangelical Lutheran ChurchAgency Fund
Katherine B. Hinman FundUnrestricted Fund
Katherine Brigham Callanen Family FundField-of-Interest Fund
Kathleen A. Perreault FundField-of-Interest Fund
Kathleen A. Perreault Fund to Benefit the New Hartford Public LibraryDesignated Fund
Kazanjian Family Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Keller Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Kenneth and Evelyn Huyck FundUnrestricted Fund
Kenneth W. and Ferne G. Fuller Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Kevin “Bing” Crossley Memorial FoundationDonor-Advised Fund
Kevin Neenan – Class of 1978 Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund
Kirkland Trails FundFiscal Sponsorship
Kotwal Family FundDesignated Fund
Kristin’s FundFiscal Sponsorship
Larry and Corky Bull Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Laura J. Gribneau Memorial FundScholarship Fund
Lawrence T. Gilroy Jr. FundDonor-Advised Fund
Lead-Free MV FundField-of-Interest Fund
Leonard J. Capuana Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Leroy and Hazel Scheidelman FundUnrestricted Fund
Leslie P. and Marie D. Carroll FundFuture Fund
Linda Leogrande Youth Ambassador Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Louise Chapple Tanzer Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Lynn Beaton Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
M&T Bank/Partners Trust Bank Charitable FundDonor-Advised Fund
Macartney-Wallace Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Madeline and Joseph Hobika Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Make Music Happen Project FundDesignated Fund
Mandour FundDonor-Advised Fund
Maphia Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Margarets Gaffney & Van Waes FundDonor-Advised Fund
Marie A. Russo FundFuture Fund
Marion LaFaro FundDonor-Advised Fund
Marion LaFaro Scholarship FundDesignated Fund
Marjorie Fuess Crumb Memorial FundAgency Fund
Marlene Brown and Earl Lewis Endowment Fund for The Children's MuseumDesignated Fund
Martin - Gifford Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Martin and Susan Bull Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Martin M. Martin Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Mary Alberico and Anthony J. Paparella Memorial Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Mary Ann P. Vickers Memorial Family FundScholarship Fund
Mary O. and Donald H. McDaniels Music Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Matthew A. Carton FundDonor-Advised Fund
Maude M. Foley Fund (NSDAR)Designated Fund
Max, DeTraglia and Max, MD, PC FundUnrestricted Fund
Mele Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Melvin L. Kowalsky Designated FundDesignated Fund
Melvin L. Kowalsky FundUnrestricted Fund
Menotti Family FundDesignated Fund
Michael and Lois Silverman Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Michael and Suzanne Snell Memorial Fund
Donor-Advised Fund
Mildred Usher Memorial FundScholarship Fund
Millar FundUnrestricted Fund
Mohawk Central School District Class of 1977 Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency FundAgency Fund
Mohawk Valley COVID-19 Response FundExpenditure Fund
Mohawk Valley Healthcare Foundation, Inc. Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Mohawk Valley Inst. for Learning in Retirement FundAgency Fund
Mother Marianne's Westside Soup Kitchen FundDesignated Fund
Nancy Windrath Hinman Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - New York\Mohawk Valley Fund Agency Fund
Nazareth Community Impact FundDonor-Advised Fund
Nazareth Fund – Sisters of St. Francis of the Neuman Communities Project FundDonor-Advised Fund
Nazareth Ministry Mission Integration FundDonor-Advised Fund
Neil F. Harden BOCES Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
New Hartford Alumni Assn. Mem. Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
New Hartford Public Library Endowment FundDesignated Fund
Nicholas and Susan Matt Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Norman W. Pelletier Memorial FundField-of-Interest Fund
North Country Public Radio FundDesignated Fund
Notre Dame Schools Extraordinary Faculty FundDesignated Fund
Novogurski Family Fund For DolgevilleField-of-Interest Fund
Old Forge Library FundAgency Fund
Old Forge Volunteer Ambulance Corps New Ambulance FundAgency Fund
Olive S. Quakenbush FundUnrestricted Fund
Oneida Chapter DAR FundAgency Fund
Oneida County Historical Society 2nd Century FundAgency Fund
Oneida County History Center Sesquicentennial FundAgency Fund
Our Lady of Lourdes Fund for Basic Human NeedsDesignated Fund
Owen R. Fortnam Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
PAH Donor-Advised FundDonor-Advised Fund
Patricia F. and William M. Dwyer Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Paul J. and Rosemary Maphia Fund for ChildrenField-of-Interest Fund
Peg O'Dowd Memorial FundDesignated Fund
Pet Wellness FundDonor-Advised Fund
Peter D. Fraser Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Peter J. Adasek, M.D. Little Falls FundDonor-Advised Fund
Philip and Marie (Mercier) Dupuis Memorial FundFuture Fund
Philip F. and Jane G. McNeil Family FundUnrestricted Fund
Poland High School Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Priscilla P. Norris FundField-of-Interest Fund
Prospect Softball Field Renovation FundField of Interest Fund
Pugliese Society Charitable FundScholarship Fund
Racial Equity and Social Justice Fund Field-of-Interest Fund
Raymond L. and Linda G. Allen FundDonor-Advised Fund
Real Men Get Tested FundField-of-Interest Fund
Rev. P. Arthur Brindisi Family FundDesignated Fund
Rev. P.A. and Norma Brindisi - Westminster Church FundDesignated Fund
Richard Alexander Fund for the Boy Scouts of AmericaDesignated Fund
Richard and Carol Zweifel Fund
Donor-Advised Fund
Richard Cohen Family Fund Donor-Advised Fund
Richard L. and Jean P. Williams FundDonor-Advised Fund
Richard W. Couper Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Richard W. Mitchell, II Memorial FundScholarship Fund
Rising Phoenix FundDonor-Advised Fund
Robert A. Montesano Memorial FundDesignated Fund
Robert Ablett Memorial FundField-of-Interest Fund
Robert and Grace Reed Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Robert and Sadieann Spear Family Fund Donor-Advised Fund
Robert and Sara Smith FundDonor-Advised Fund
Robert G. and Emelia C. VanDerWarker FundScholarship Fund
Robert L. Steffensen FundUnrestricted Fund
Robert R. and June F. Farrington FundField-of-Interest Fund
Rodger G. and Phyllis A. Haley FundDesignated Fund
Roland D. Christy Sr. Memorial FundScholarship Fund
Romaine J. and Lillie Van Slyke Doxstader FundField-of-Interest Fund
Rome Rotary Benevolent FundDonor-Advised Fund
Ronald & Sheila Cuccaro Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Root Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Rosamond G. Childs FundUnrestricted Fund
Rose B. White FundField-of-Interest Fund
Rotary District 7150 Dr. Clarke T. and Ruth Case Scholarship FundField-of-Interest Fund
Rust2Green UticaFiscal Sponsorship
Sarah Cohen FundFuture Fund
Saunders Kahler LLP Charitable FundDonor-Advised Fund
Scalzo, Zogby and Wittig Insurance Fund
Donor-Advised Fund
Scott Stuart Fund for InletDonor-Advised Fund
Senator James H. Donovan Memorial FundDonor-Advised Fund
Senator James H. Donovan Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Sgt. Christopher Curtis Simpson Memorial FundScholarship Fund
Sheila and Dr. Robert S. Smith Sculpture Space Endowment FundAgency Fund
Sinnott Endowment Fund for the Utica ZooDesignated Fund
Sinnott Family FundUnrestricted Fund
Sinnott-Sheldon FundUnrestricted Fund
Sissy's Kids FundDonor-Advised Fund
St. William's on Long Point Agency FundAgency Fund
Staffworks Charitable FundDonor-Advised Fund
Stanley J. Wiater Fund for Responsible Hunting and Forestry StewardshipField-of-Interest Fund
Stanley Theatre Charitable FundAgency Fund
Steffensen FundAgency Fund
STEM Scholarship Fund For WomenScholarship Fund
Steven D. Smallen FundDonor-Advised Fund
Stevens-Swan Humane Society FundAgency Fund
Strategic Financial Services Charitable FundDonor-Advised Fund
Streichert Family FundField-of-Interest Fund
Swancott Fund for Sheltering WomenField-of-Interest Fund
Swann Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Talley FundUnrestricted Fund
The Arts Guild of Old Forge II FundAgency Fund
The Kenwood Benevolent Society FundDonor-Advised Fund
The ShoreLine Group FundDonor-Advised Fund
Theodore F. and Emma Steinhorst FundUnrestricted Fund
Thomas G. Schafer FundScholarship Fund
Thomas Maroun Acey Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Thomas Memorial Fund for the Education of Prospect YouthDonor-Advised Fund
Ticonderoga Central School Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church FundAgency Fund
Tritten Family FundUnrestricted Fund
Trustees and Staff FundUnrestricted Fund
Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust FundDesignated Fund
UFA Alumni Association FundScholarship Fund
United Way of the Mohawk Valley Endowment FundAgency Fund
Utica City School District Fund for Academics, the Arts & AthleticsAgency Fund
Utica Dispensary FundField-of-Interest Fund
Utica Dollars For Scholars FundScholarship Fund
Utica Lady Comets Youth SoftballFiscal Sponsorship
Utica Lady Knicks FundScholarship Fund
Utica National Group Foundation FundDonor-Advised Fund
Utica Pythian Foundation FundDonor-Advised Fund
VIEW/Arts Guild of Old Forge FundAgency Fund
Violet FundDonor-Advised Fund
Virginia A. Bowmaker Scholarship Trust Fund of the City of Utica, NYScholarship Fund
Vogel Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
W. B. Romeling Memorial FundField-of-Interest Fund
W. Easton Pribble Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
W. H. Smith FundUnrestricted Fund
Wadih and Juliette Zogby Family FundDonor-Advised Fund
Wanderers' Rest Humane Association Charitable FundAgency Fund
Warnick J. Kernan FundUnrestricted Fund
Watson and Virginia Lowery Memorial FundUnrestricted Fund
Wesley and Marion Small FundField-of-Interest Fund
William and Bonnie Waldron Nursing Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
William and Gladys Becker FundField-of-Interest Fund
William and Paula Bentley Charitable FundDonor-Advised Fund
William B. Recknall Memorial FundScholarship Fund
William J. Wiley FundField-of-Interest Fund
William L. and Gladys K. Boyle Memorial Scholarship FundScholarship Fund
William L. Boyle, Jr. FundDonor-Advised Fund
William L. Schrauth FundUnrestricted Fund
Willis A. and Nettie Robinson Payne FundUnrestricted Fund
Winifred K. Quin FundUnrestricted Fund
Wolfe-Smith FundDonor-Advised Fund
Women's Fund of Herkimer & Oneida Counties Agency Fund