The MV Equity Pledge logo was the hand-drawn creation of a local artist whose flare and style came through in the design. Utica native Dave Mentus says his love for art started during his first year in college.

“I went in as a graphic designer at MVCC. I used to draw on the side just for fun, that was my first introduction to art. From there, I began painting and drawing which slowly evolved into finding found objects; repurposing tables, painting on tables, and painting on whatever I could just so that I could see colors and the way patterns look on furniture. Now I’m strictly digital, I draw on my iPad.”

“I look at more art than I create myself and I look for that uniqueness in an artist. I try to get an idea of who that person is and what decisions they make in their artwork. That influences me a lot—the work that goes in behind the creation of a piece. I try to emulate that and do that with my own experience.”

His design and illustration work has been seen throughout Utica on downtown banners, in shows at Inkorporated, a mural at Handshake.City and much more. His hobbies include finding and refurbishing old furniture, freelance graphic design, painting and drawing, along with exploring nature with his daughter London.

See more of Dave’s art and design on Instagram @dropdeaddave_

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