Herkimer 9 Foundation Fund

The Herkimer 9 Foundation Fund plans to promote the redevelopment of historic structures such as the Quackenbush
factory, a structure once owned by the Quackenbush Company. The original Quackenbush
factory still stands in downtown Herkimer and the vision is for this building to be rehabilitated as a
cultural center and museum honoring Herkimer’s manufacturing history and also house an invention and
innovation center for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The organization also wishes to draw attention to and honor Herkimer’s role in the history of American
basketball. Many of the rules which govern the modern game are believed to have been developed in
Herkimer and the first game under those rules was played at the Herkimer YMCA in 1891. The
organization envisions the development and construction of a sports venue in the Village of Herkimer
that can provide a much needed gathering space for the community while also honoring this local
historic achievement. Other structures in the area to be addressed in the revitalization plan include the
historic Herkimer County jail, the Old Country Courthouse, a few churches and the gothic-style Masonic

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