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The Foundation is dedicated to creating strong partnerships with the goal of making social impact in our community.


Helping Our Community Grow

By providing grants to local schools, health agencies, arts venues, libraries and other non-profit organizations, The Community Foundation not only works to ensure better education, stronger healthcare and growth in the arts, but helps keep jobs and money in Central New York. Your contribution stays local, helping these organizations succeed. Read more…

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Supporting Education for Every Age

At The Community Foundation, supporting education for all ages is a priority. Preschoolers, Madison-Oneida BOCES attendees, and adult learners enrolled in local colleges have all benefitted from contributions to The Community Foundation from people like you. Your continued support will help us to make an impact on education in our community well into the future. Read more…

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Supporting Healthcare to Keep Our Community Strong

At The Community Foundation, we strongly believe in supporting organizations that promote public health and wellness. One of our priority issues is to assist public health organizations in keeping residents of our community healthy and independent through grants made possible by our donors. Read more…

economic impact stories

Preserving Our Community’s Arts and Culture

The Community Foundation believes that it is a privilege and responsibility to preserve local arts and culture for future generations. We assist art, theatre and music venues with the necessary funding to maintain vital programming and growth. Your contribution can make a difference, and help our community continue to enjoy the area’s rich cultural offerings. Read more...


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