About Us

The story of The Foundation is often told in dollars and cents. It’s a story of great generosity, skilled financial management and meaningful grants to the community.

It’s a history to be celebrated. But behind that story is another of no less value. It’s the story of leadership, partnership and innovation.

Over 60 years ago, before the first gift, before the first grant, there was a group of men and women who recognized the importance of this new idea of a community trust.

Even in the face of the charitable needs of the day, they saw the power of longer term social solutions. Not just long-term money but long-term commitment. These founders understood that success would require true partnerships – even beyond those that give and those that receive. Money is a powerful tool.

But the time and talent found in the greater community was the key to using that tool most effectively.

Today, The Foundation continues in that same spirit. We’re dedicated to creating strong partnerships with the goal of making social impact in our community. Over these many decades our impact has grown dramatically along with our assets.

Then again, we’ve always understood that our assets are much more than money.

Who & What We Are:

A community-based, social impact investor.

We use our financial, intellectual and convening capital to advise, fund, fuel and sustain those partner organizations addressing the fundamental challenges of our community in the areas of education, health, economic development and arts and culture.

It’s commitment, not money, that’s the real catalyst for social change.

We invest ourselves in our partners’ success.