The Face Of Giving

AVitulloLongtime Foundation friend and donor Anita Vitullo has a lifelong passion for the plight of abused and abandoned animals, so it was hardly a surprise when Anita arrived at The Foundation’s door this May with a furry companion named Madison.

The surprise, however, was pinned to an orange vest the pit-bull mix wore. It was a note.

“Peggy and CF team, Thanks for helping me and all my furry friends! Lick, Lick, Lick, Madison.”

With that note was a check nestled securely in a white envelope made out to The Community Foundation for $1 million.

The donation marked the first $1 million donation from a living donor in The Foundation’s history.

Anita points to The Foundation’s smart investing and esteemed reputation to why she decided to invest her money and fund her passion through The Foundation.

“I put my money into The Community Foundation, because – like most people – I’ve worked hard and long for my money,” she said. “I want to put it where I know it will be well-managed, where it will grow and where it will be there for the future to fund my mission, and that’s what The Community Foundation does.”

Anita chose to partner with The Community Foundation through the charitable gift annuity option. It’s one of the many ways donors can make impactful gifts through The Foundation now and forever.

Those who choose to give through a charitable gift annuity can support their passions, like Anita, for generations to come but still generate income for retirement.

Many charitably-minded individuals want to invest in their community but are often concerned about having enough income in retirement. Some also worry about elderly parents or a loved one who may need their support. Fortunately, it is possible to make a gift that increases current or future income AND benefits community. A charitable gift annuity is a simple way to do this.

For information on the many ways you can give to The Community Foundation, please visit