Patsy Couper’s passion for people will have impact forever

Patsy CouperPatsy Couper believed in people.

“I’ve been lucky to be around kind people, honest people, thoughtful people,” she said in an Observer-Dispatch article in 2011. “From the Hill to Remsen to Barneveld, I’m in a valley of good.”

Patsy, who was 90 in 2013 whens he passed away, did many things in her lifetime – she earned an honorary degree from Hamilton College, she made friends easily whether they were 18 or 102, she learned always and audited classes frequently.

And she gave.

She gave fully and without reserve.

Her gifts to The Foundation have impacted many – from local students to arts organizations.

“It’s people I’m passionate about,” she said just weeks before her passing. “I love people and my passion is with them.”

She spent little time thinking of herself. She would sheepishly admit that. She’d follow quickly by saying she didn’t have time, she was too busy loving and being loved by others.

“I like all kinds of people in all kinds of jobs,” she said. “If I ever knew a garbage collector, I’d want to take him to lunch. I think everyone has value and deserves to be treated with dignity.”

Patsy’s passion for what she loved most will live on through The Foundation. Her gifts to the community will grow and strengthen the very people she loved. Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren and beyond will be forever touched by what Patsy left behind.

Patsy trusted The Foundation to see her gifts touched the lives of those she loved when she lived and it is through her spirit that we will ensure they are touched while she’s gone.


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