Parkway Center Receives Funding for Tool Store Enterprise

The Parkway Center, The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, and The Good News Center have recently partnered to make an impact in the community that will help to create an independent stream of funding, more volunteer opportunities for veterans and seniors, and have a positive impact on the environment.

The $24,690 investment from The Community Foundation and the $5,000 investment from The Good News Foundation is helping the Parkway Center create a new project, Second Chance Tools. Second Chance Tools is a used tool store that will create a new avenue of volunteering for veterans and seniors in the community. The proceeds from this project will support the financial sustainability of the programs and services of the Parkway Center, which will allow the organization to continue to provide, and grow, its services. The used tool store will also have a large impact on the environment as it will keep tools from going to landfills, or being disposed of improperly.

Parkway Center Executive Director Kelly Walters remarked that,” We are excited about this new volunteer-led project that has many benefits. It is creating a new volunteer opportunity for seniors, especially our veterans, to continue to stay active and engaged; giving people somewhere to donate tools that they do not want or need; and will benefit the environment with fewer tools ending up in landfills.”

“Providing seniors with volunteer opportunities like those offered through the Second Chance Tools project is essential in our aging community,” said Jan Squadrito, senior community investment manager at The Community Foundation. “Projects like this that support senior independence make it possible for these individuals to remain active and involved.”

The Executive Director of The Good News Center, Judy Hauck, stated that, “The Good News Foundation is pleased and proud to support the work of the Parkway Center through the Second Chance Tool Store making the community a better place for all.”