Helping Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

Serving in the United States military is a job not always done or left on the battlefield. It’s one that many veterans carry with them in various forms, for indefinite periods of time.

Today, it’s understood specialized post-service care — or similar treatment during active duty — can be vital for veterans, physically and emotionally. The challenges they face can include physical injuries and disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and difficulty readjusting to civilian life.

The Charles T. Sitrin Health Care Center not only addresses those conditions in its Military Rehabilitation Program, it does so with the special understanding of veterans’ needs offered by the program’s onsite military liaison, U.S. Army CPT Luke Slatton. Among his responsibilities are outreach to military installations, training Sitrin staff on military culture, and helping to make sure the physical, mental and social needs of veterans are met during their treatment.

The military liaison position continued through the support of a $72,000 grant from The Community Foundation’s Rosamond G. Childs Fund.