New Microscope Allows Utica Scientists to Perform Research in Heart Disease

A $75,000 grant in 2012 allowed the Cardiac Research Institute at Masonic Medical Research Laboratory to purchase a state-of-the art microscope enhancing scientists’ abilities to perform groundbreaking cardiac research.

The Masonic Medical Research Laboratory is among the few institutes in Central New York to have a state-of-the-art confocal microscope capable of assessing the impact of genetic defects on the function of heart cells and characterizing the function of induced pluripotent stem cells-derived cardiomyocytes.

The microscope allows researchers to make significant and life-saving discoveries and observations in heart disease.  This equipment has the potential to change lives for Utica-area residents.

“Using this cutting-edge technology, scientists at the MMRL will have a powerful tool to better understand the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia syndromes, thus enabling them to uncover better treatments and eventually cures” said Dr. Charles Antzelevitch, Executive Director and Director of Research of the MMRL. “The new confocal microscope takes advantage of very significant advances in computer and imaging technology that have taken place over the past decade.”