Charting A New Course

Community foundations nationwide have operated in much the same way for more than a century, reacting to funding requests with traditional grants. However, today’s nonprofit community is under great pressure—struggling to obtain funding, attract and retain leadership and talent—while serving those in need.

Those who founded The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties could not have imagined the depth of distress in our community today. Even as we celebrate the accelerating economic rebirth of this area, many in the Mohawk Valley continue to face social divides stemming from race, ethnicity, gender and religion; they are challenged by poverty, childhood lead poisoning, diabetes, obesity and other ills.

Fortunately, those who established The Community Foundation, and generations of dedicated donors, invested in our future, allowing us to address unforeseen community needs as they arise. After a decades-long history as a significant grant-maker in this community, The Community Foundation must adapt its way of doing business to fulfill our mission to Engage, Invest and Lead.

No organization has all the answers, but we, together with our partners and donors, have the means and the will to chart a new course—one that will build on generations of philanthropy, and brighten the fabric of our community.