Donor’s passion for animals pays off in Utica, NY

Anita Vitullo’s passion for animals truly is a life mission. Anita, a longtime Foundation supporter and donor, always is seeking new ways to fund that mission, create awareness around the plight of abandoned animals and engage others in supporting this important issue.

Anita recently developed a holiday campaign to “Save A Life” and sought the community’s financial support for local shelters. Anita promised to match whatever gifts were made during this campaign.

The results of this impassioned effort equaled more than $16,000 raised in just a few weeks for local shelters. Half of this final number was generated by the community, who were able to choose which animal shelter received their donation. Here are the tallies:

$6,700 raised for Herkimer County Humane Society

$4,870 for Humane Society of Rome

$4,610 for Stevens-Swan Humane Society

$700 for Wanderers Rest

Anita matched each of these gifts and the shelters received double these amounts.