Community investments made to library, hospital, health department

DECEMBER grants made:

LutheranCare — $81,398

An $81,398 grant will allow for the creation of four semi-private bariatric spaces that will be used to house patients who weigh 400 pounds or more. Previously, these patients had to be turned away for lack of appropriate accommodations.

Utica Public Library — $100,000

A $100,000 grant will protect the library’s collections from water damage when it is used to replace the roof and repair gutters. The grant will allow the preservation of the library’s resources for years to come.

Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare and St. Elizabeth Medical Center — $100,000

A grant for $100,000 to the two hospitals will be used for legal and consultation services toward an affiliation project that will provide improved healthcare services for local residents.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Oneida County — $100,000

This $100,000 grant will allow the city of Utica, Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension and other key partners to come together and focus on economic development in key downtown areas, such as Bagg’s Square, Oneida Square, the International District and Brewery District.

JANUARY grants made:

MVCC Foundation — $84,000

This grant will allow for startup funding for Oneida County’s first student business incubator that brings together various community partners to work with students to create new businesses.

Oneida County Health Department — $27,251

A $27, 251 grant will be used toward lead prevention work in Oneida County, which has the highest percentage of elevated lead levels in New York state. The grant will be used to purchase 21 HEPA vacuums – enough to reduce lead levels in the homes of 1,092 families. It also will allow the purchase of 400 gallons of special paint that will be used to seal lead-based paint in 100 low-income housing units.

Upstate Cerebral Palsy–$3,100

This grant will provide startup funding for a program that trains parents of children with disabilities to help other parents ensure their children with disabilities receive the services they need.

Utica Chamber of Commerce — $5,350

This grant will allow national leadership and millennial generation expert Joan Snyder to work with local businesses and millennials to help them create impactful partnerships to form a stronger community.