CCE, Foundation partnership already making economic impact in Utica, NY

A partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension Oneida County gives support to the R2G Utica Urban Studio, which works in Utica’s City Hall and in Utica neighborhoods to identify city problems, opportunities and resources. The studio focuses on community-based planning and project implementation, grantwriting, volunteer development, community engagement and empowerment in an effort to build economic sustainability and improve quality of life. Some of what the group has been and is implementing includes:

  • Organizing a consortium for each of the four neighborhood districts  (Brewery District, International District, Arts District, Bagg’s Square): Each has been created and Bagg’s Square specifically has established a board and membership plan as well as a marketing and branding plan.
  • Developed a business incentive program submitted to the city and HUD.
  • Waterfront revitalization: Participated in a grant rewrite and work plan to meet the city’s changing waterfront needs.
  • Community workshops: Facilitated grant and public planning projects.

The Foundation has invested $100,000 in this partnership. We’ll continue to provide updates on how this exciting partnership is impacting our community.


Photo credit: Matt Ossowski Photography